Caledonian Scores Top Marks for Energy Efficiency at Nottingham College

Air permeability results at Nottingham’s new Farnborough School & Technology College recorded an air tightness level of 4.11 m3/m2 per hour for a 7,005m2 building with large open plan spaces and full assembly hall.

The results demonstrate that modular construction is a highly energy efficient solution even for large complex buildings such as this £8.7m final Notts BSfF project, where no additional measures were taken to seal the building beyond Caledonian’s normal construction details.

Caledonian provided a complete offsite building and on site construction and fit-out package, from a full height assembly hall (portal frame), science labs and music rooms to a dining hall and commercial kitchen. It provided all above-ground elements to the two-storey building, including an energy-saving CHP system, underfloor heating, and all interior fit-outs.

The new school building was assembled from 141 modules, each manufactured and fitted out offsite by CM in controlled QA conditions while the site was prepared up to ground level by Carillion.

Working simultaneously reduced the overall building programme, and minimised disruption, risk and cost on site. Ready for occupation six months earlier than using traditional construction methods, Farnborough School was completed on schedule, working to an overall building programme of 42 weeks.

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