Through a combination of problem-solving, innovation, and the use of technology, we have implemented safe operating procedures to keep our manufacturing facility and our construction sites working safely.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for construction; however, despite this, our people and supply chain partners have innovated, problem solved and utilised technology to keep our sites open.

As a result, all of our projects remained open creating vital school places, building essential accommodation and supporting local economies. We rapidly developed and implemented operating in compliance with the Government-backed Construction Leadership Council guidance resulting in minimal impact on our productivity. These procedures follow the latest scientific advice and direct safe social distancing practices across our construction sites.

Stephen Woolf HSE Director explains how a combination of technology and innovation is enabling us to maintain social distancing on our construction sites;

"People’s health, safety and well-being has and continues to be our focus. Throughout the pandemic we have embraced, adopted and followed industry good practice guidance for example the Construction Leadership Council (CLC).  We reviewed what roles could be performed from home, which led to staggered / home working across our teams that could effectively work from home.  To ensure reduced occupancy within our offices and sites we introduced Teams meetings, signage and information on maximum occupancy numbers. 

Our next step was to review our office and site layouts. We looked at where bottlenecks were likely to be, such as seating arrangements, staircases and routes in and out of the offices and sites. To address these issues, we created a staggered desk system and office rotas, we created a series of one-way systems, allowing colleagues and site operatives to keep their distance and avoid oncoming people.

Each morning, we hold daily safe starts with our colleagues and operatives. These meetings are held in open areas, allowing for social distancing.  If anyone shows symptoms of COVID-19 or needs to self-isolate, they are empowered to do so. This is supported by our teams through a series of screening questions and temperature testing prior to people being admitted to our sites.
Usual practice would be to conduct weekly site tours for the customers and visitors to our sites. Prior to the pandemic this would have been done physically, but due to the social distancing in place we now do this virtually as well. This method has received positive feedback and is keeping our stakeholders informed during the COVID-19 pandemic whilst ensuring their health, safety and well-being.”