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Benefits of Offsite Construction

Offsite construction delivers many key benefits including better quality construction, improved health and safety, a faster construction programme as well as predictability of cost and time on any given project. The greater predictability and precision of manufacturing is challenging traditional thinking and making the whole construction process simpler.

With the government pushing the offsite agenda coupled with a growing housing sector needing to access new capacity, clients are poised to take advantage of the benefits of offsite construction.

We believe the current period could mark the breakthrough for innovative construction in the UK. Five government departments have signed up to a presumption in favour of offsite manufacture (OSM) creating the prospect that government will shape a portion of its £20bn construction spends to pump-prime investment. This will provide pipeline visibility and certainty of workload, which in turn will lead to more investment in manufacturing capacity, a wider choice of solutions, and, in time, better value from better-performing buildings.

The potential for growth is huge with forecasts putting annual growth in the sector at more than 100%. Housing in particular has immense potential for OSM because of growth in build-to-rent and affordable housing where the speed of delivery adds significant value.

40 acre site with 330,000sqft of manufacturing facilities

Over 300 employees including 170 directly employed factory personnel

Ability to produce over 3,000 modules per year

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"We strive to be a sustainable business that continually adds value through areas like lean manufacturing and simplification of our QMS procedures"

> Stephen Woolf - HSE Director

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