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Digital Construction

At Caledonian we are a digital-first business, enabling our people and supply chain partners to deliver value and quality through technology, including digital twin and AR/VR. A digital-first approach is essential to us and our clients too, driving the way we design and deliver buildings in an ever-changing world.

Using the latest design and manufacturing technology we continue to evolve new ways to better deliver projects for our customers whilst allowing us to work more sustainably, making our business more agile and responsive. 

Digital Twin
At Caledonian, the production of a genuine “digital twin” aids construction projects by streamlining, accelerating and automating design, production, and operational processes, using the following four steps:

  • Create high-fidelity computer-generated prototypes, helping to free up time and costs
  • Replicate, simulate and evaluate how building components may react in the real world
  • Make data accessible to all players by digitally storing and sharing among stakeholders
  • Capture data from the physical product to help inform future designers
AR and VR in Construction
Our standard design processes and systems allow the use of VR and AR without additional investments in time or cost. Spanning beyond the use in design stages, we are realising benefits through more collaborative design engagement with client teams and supply chain. Our project teams are opening up the use of VR and AR to aid with project planning and logistics, and our Health and Safety teams are seeing advanced levels of site personnel safety training by training for new or complex site operations in the virtual world.

40 acre site with 330,000sqft of manufacturing facilities

Over 300 employees including 170 directly employed factory personnel

Ability to produce over 3,000 modules per year

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"We are continuing to grow substantially into a major player using modular technology"

> Richard Paul - CFO

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