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The COVID-19 outbreak continues to grow and is causing great concern across the country and the world. At Caledonian, we take the crisis very seriously and are putting all appropriate precautions in place.

Government advice is that necessary and essential work should continue.  At Caledonian, the safety of our clients and staff comes first, but fulfilling our obligations to clients and delivering great building solutions is a high priority.  So, provided we are confident that we can continue to operate safely, we intend to carry on working:  it’s business as usual at Caledonian.

Our clients and the livelihoods of many people rely on us, so we have a duty to continue to work normally unless we believe it is no longer safe, or until the Government requires us to do otherwise.  That position applies both to Carlton head office / factory and our project sites.

Of course, we are taking the following sensible precautions: –

  • We are very rigorous about personal hygiene and in particular washing hands on a regular basis. Hand sanitizers have been provided to staff and they are being encouraged to wash hands regularly.
  • Anyone starting to show the symptoms of the disease has been told they must self-isolate.
  • Sensible precautions have been taken to reduce meetings. Those that are essential have been moved to Skype or similar remote networking platforms, or teleconference, or are taking place in well-ventilated spaces with a distance of more than 2m between participants. This approach is being applied to canteen and welfare spaces.
  • We no longer shake hands with colleagues or visitors.
  • Staff have been advised to sneeze into a tissue, or failing that, into the crook of an elbow and dispose of tissues properly.
  • Arrangements have been made for staff at higher risk, or with responsibility for relatives at home at higher risk, to work from home. Similarly, arrangements have been made for staff with young children to work from home.
We will continue to monitor the situation and comply fully with Government and expert advice, but assure our clients that we intend to deliver on our commitments unless it becomes absolutely impossible to do so.  The country needs schools, hospitals and new accommodation, which does not change with the COVID-19 outbreak.  This crisis will pass, but in the meantime, we feel it is our responsibility to minimize its impact to the greatest degree possible.

Paul Lang

Chief Executive Officer

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