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North West Primary Schools Building Programme

Number of modules: 36 (single storey) / 60 (two storey)
Location: Various – North West England

Caledonian provided four schools as part of the NWPSB:

St James’s Church of England Junior School, Barrow is a 1,100 m² single storey building with construction taking place only two metres from a fully occupied school.

Highfield Community Primary School, Chester is also a 1,100 m² building but with the addition of a mono-pitched roof to permit natural lighting and ventilation into the building.

Holden Clough Community Primary School, Ashton-Under-Lyne is a 2,200 m² two storey building on a very restricted site.

Silver Springs Academy, Stalybridge is another 2,200 m² two storey building. Classrooms feature internal glazed panels to increase visibility and soft monitoring which also enhances natural lighting.