From mixed-use developments and high rise office blocks to retail forecourts and kiosks, Caledonian is well equipped to help specify and deliver projects to meet the unique demands of these sectors.


Caledonian is at the forefront of offsite construction solutions for office and commercial buildings of all types, from multi-storey corporate headquarters to temporary ‘decant’ blocks.

Caledonian has a wealth of experience in providing high quality buildings within short timescales for commercial applications. Our portfolio includes open plan and cellular offices, as well as hospitality and marketing suites and specialist buildings for airports and railways.

We continue to push the boundaries of modern offsite construction to offer a wide variety of finishes and aesthetic treatments, including bespoke visual elements, such as feature glazing and cladding. Many commercial tenants demand EPC A-rated offices which we achieve by combining full building services with renewable energy systems.


Offsite building systems provide a cost effective way to expand your retail space with minimal disruption to trading and your customers.

Caledonian provides fully fitted retail buildings to suit individual business and branding requirements, from large superstores to petrol forecourts and smaller independent retail outlets.

Project delivery is quicker than traditional construction with a typical 10,000 sq ft convenience store taking 12 weeks from order to completion. Site and factory works run in parallel minimising time on site, limiting disruption to neighbours and giving a faster return on investment.

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