Leveraging decades of specialist experience, exceptional skills in design and R&D, project management and production management, we deliver innovative security products for the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence and wider commercial applications.

Caledonian Security Engineering products provide the perfect solution for keeping people and buildings both safe and secure. Where required, our solutions will ensure that occupants remain inside a building, whilst preventing unwanted intruders from entering. Products include blast-resistant steel doors, window grilles and bars, anti-ligature cell windows, and secure gates and screens for prison gatehouses and walkways.

With Government Procurement Service supplier status, ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental accreditation, our products are ideally suited to the NOMS (National Offenders Management Service) sector, MoD establishments, and for any commercial building with a high security and/or anti-terrorism specification. These include petrochemical facilities and power plants, as well as retail environments such as petrol forecourts and cash dispensing areas:

High security window grilles which are specially enhanced to prevent or resist cutting, making them ideal for prison cells and other custodial environments.

  • Enhanced high security window grilles
  • Units can be purpose-designed to fit any application and building design. Units can be purpose-designed to satisfy different security risk requirements and to fit any building design.
  • Typically, window grilles are supplied as a complete finished composite unit for bolting or casting into a new build modular, precast concrete panel construction, or retrofitted as part of a refurbishment.
  • Standard specification window grilles are available for locations where enhanced security is not required.

Secure cell windows, available as fully finished units complete with window grilles and/or bars.

  • Anti-ligature windows
  • Designed to MoJ standards, they combine an anti-ligature attack resistant face to the cell side with a thermally-efficient window to the outside. A specially designed ‘ventilator unit’ covers the opening light.
  • ‘Bar-less’ versions can be supplied for lower security applications in the custodial or mental healthcare sectors, for example. Non-cell applications can be accommodated as individual windows or as part of a curtain walling system.

High Security Steel doors for standard custodial and specialist applications, including DDA compliance, segregation, and secure hospital doors.

  • High security steel doors
  • Most cell doors have an anti-barricade facility to allow outward opening if the door is barricaded from the inside.
  • The range also includes control and restraint doors, high security fire doors, and ballistic-rated security doors. Additionally, secure service duct doors can be designed for prison wings, where a riot resistant door is required, and for drug dispensary doors. Most doors can incorporate either manual or electric locking.

High Security Gates & Grillages: Open grillage gates and security screens for providing secure lines within prisons or similar custodial establishments.

  • High security gates and grillages
  • Security screens can be installed at gable ends to prison wings or behind curtain walling up to five storeys in height.
  • Grillages can be fixed horizontally along a complete wing to provide a high security barrier to wing atria. Manual or electronic locking systems are available for these products to suit individual project specifications.

Specialist solutions, from ballistic-resistant glazed screens to high security doors.

  • Specialist physical security products
  • Typically specified for custodial environments, these products may be installed to enhance security in, for example, MoD establishments or any building vulnerable to terrorist attack in the commercial or utilities sectors.
  • Bespoke options include radio and key exchanges, stainless steel fabrications, secure drugs dispensary hatches, cell vision panels, and roof security meshing. Prison service products can incorporate high security mesh reinforcement to masonry structures and safety fall arrest meshing.

For offsite modular construction or traditional building projects

Caledonian Security Engineering products can be supplied as part of a Caledonian Modular building package or to other modular constructors. They can also be specified for traditional construction projects and delivered direct to steel framework contractors or precast concrete manufacturers.

Depending on individual contract requirements, our products may be cast into concrete panels, built into steel frames or site fixed. Any steel fabrication can be accommodated, including staircases and balustrades. Products can be supplied direct or on a sub-contract basis.

Offering complete contract flexibility, Caledonian Security Engineering products provide fast, cost-efficient solutions for new build and refurbishment projects in both the public and private building sectors.

Our versatile range of high security grilles, windows, doors and screens can be specified for all types of new build project, including prisons, secure mental health facilities and ‘at risk’ buildings in the commercial and utilities markets, Alternatively, they may be retrofitted as part of a security upgrade programme for a commercial or public building, or the refurbishment of custodial accommodation.