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Trad Elements/ Hybrids

Caledonian is an offsite contracting company, utilising both offsite modular modern methods of construction (MMC) coupled with traditional building solutions for flexibility of design. We provide full turnkey building solutions using highly advanced offsite techniques and are market leaders in modular construction.
Early engagement is essential to understanding the best building solution for our clients’ projects and not every project fits into a box. Most of the projects that we deliver have a ‘Hybrid’ element to them, meaning that we have more than one form of construction on a project.
Caledonian has the experience to design and build many forms of construction into your projects including Modular, Structural Steel Frames, Light Gauge Steel Frames, Reinforced Concrete Frames and Cores, Pre-Cast Concrete Elements and Engineered Timber Structures, resulting in a no-compromise design approach to your project needs. 
Please review our case studies for examples of our projects with ‘Hybrid’ structures.

40 acre site with 330,000sqft of manufacturing facilities

Over 300 employees including 170 directly employed factory personnel

Ability to produce over 3,000 modules per year

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"We have secured places on significant frameworks & guaranteed a pipeline to allow investment & growth, allowing us to introduce new technologies in the manufacturing process."

> David Johnson - Pre-Construction Director

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