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Volumetric Modular Construction

Caledonian are a long-established company using the latest modular and hybrid construction methods to ensure our offsite solutions meet the highest standards.

Over 30 years of development and innovation have allowed us to build a range of projects; including high rise residential buildings, healthcare projects, student accommodation and hotels plus full standardised design solutions for primary and secondary schools and SEND schools.

The benefits of offsite construction can only truly be realised by maximising the level of building completion during manufacturing.  We create highly engineered volumetric solutions under factory controlled conditions that are pre-finished with MEP services, decorative finishes, furniture and floor coverings, thus minimising the need for onsite works and delivering a consistently higher quality of finish.

Through the specification process, we explore all opportunities to achieve the highest level of completion in the factory (typically 80-90%). Working with all stakeholders and in collaboration with our supply chain partners, we explore every opportunity to bring forward the highest possible PMV (pre-manufactured-value) percentage to maximise factory finishing of our modular products. 

40 acre site with 330,000sqft of manufacturing facilities

Over 300 employees including 170 directly employed factory personnel

Ability to produce over 3,000 modules per year

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"Caledonian is a leader in modular construction, which is a game-changer in the construction market, reducing lead times, and improving quality and cost."

> Richard Paul - CFO

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