Kingsmill Hospital, Nottinghamshire

Number of modules – 27

With a site that sloped more than 5m over the length of the building the design for this Day Case unit was complex and required a couple of innovative engineering solutions. The finished building was arranged in 27 modules on a single floor over a gantry with one module acting as a bridge over the fire access road leading to a 2.5 storey bed lift and staircase arrangement.

Internally the building includes minor operations theatre, wards, recovery rooms with full medical gas provision, bed head services and ventilation all based around the four main Day Case areas; Ophthalmic theatre for eye operations, Trolley Bay, Overnight Extended Day Case: 18 bedded area comprising of six single rooms and three bays of four beds. Elective Admissions Lounge (EAL).

A Chapel and administrative area were also added within the original contract programme.

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