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At the heart of the Caledonian business is a commitment to delivering high-quality projects safely and sustainably.


Our overriding priority is the safety of our people and the operation of a safe working environment (both offsite and onsite). We actively promote a positive awareness of health and safety through thorough training and continual reinforcement and propagate best-practice within our culture.


Our offsite construction process is a highly sustainable method of building with completed projects inherently achieving high energy efficiency standards. Typically, Caledonian buildings display excellent airtightness dynamics and are designed and constructed to meet enhanced insulation, acoustic and thermal properties in compliance with the latest building regulations and client requirements.

Our offsite building projects also minimise traffic movements. Modules are delivered to the site with a high level of fit-out, negating the need for site deliveries and high levels of onsite labour.

Committed to maintaining our ISO 14001 certification, independent external bodies routinely audit our environment management systems with our internal team.

As many of the projects we deliver are long-term investments for our clients, we understand that operating costs are as high as the capital cost. Working with our clients from early engagement, we constantly deliver projects that achieve FM cost targets and provide buildings that benefit from low running and maintenance costs.


Caledonian is committed to reducing waste as part of the design process and recycling up to 100% of waste from our factories and construction sites. Currently, 96% of factory waste is diverted from landfills by recycling through an MRF (Material Recycling Facility), re-using, or converting to energy through an RDF (Refuse Derived Fuels) plant.


Operating in a factory environment, we can meticulously monitor processes and embed Quality Assurance at every build stage. We have a zero-tolerance policy on defects throughout our factories.

Quality inspections and final sign-off are completed as the modules are prepared for transport, and thorough inspections are carried out upon arrival to the site.

We are committed to producing quality buildings that maintain the highest standards throughout their lifespan.

Accreditation and Certification



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SMAS Worksafe Contractor


Crown Commercial Service


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Q-Mark FDI & FDM

> UKAS 012

BSI - Marks of Trust verified

> PAS 1192-2

Cert No. 17590-OHS-001

NHS SBS Approved

Cert No. 17590-QMS-001

Cert No. 17590-EMS-001