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Stephen Woolf

HSE Director

"It matters to me that Caledonian Modular is a place where everyone has a voice and feels valued and respected. A team ethos where everyone is taking pride by working proactively to achieving individual and company goals"

> joined 2020

David Johnson

Pre-Construction Director

"As a growing business, we have significant opportunity for expansion and development. We have a culture that encourages proactive leadership and rewards individuals taking responsibility. Our senior management team encourage individuals to shape their own roles and where possible remove boundaries for career progression"

> joined 2016

Richard Paul

Chief Financial Officer

"Caledonian is a leader in modular construction, which is a game-changer in the construction market, reducing lead times, and improving quality and cost. I wanted to bring my experience in manufacturing to help Caledonian refine and streamline its manufacturing processes and contribute to its successful growth strategy."

> joined 2019

Carl Duffy

I joined Caledonian to gain an interest in an alternative form of construction, having worked for a traditional developer/contractor for 27 years. One of the key attractions was that Caledonian are a growing business transitioning from pure modular contractor to a principal contractor, in an age where modern methods of construction are being considered more and more. I am enjoying having the opportunity to deliver some challenging projects!

> joined 2019

Andy Smith

Head of Business Development

"At Caledonian, we're progressive and energised... We have taken huge steps forward in the last three years but our goals and objectives are challenging which will make us stronger and retain our position as the UK’s 1st choice for MMC."

> joined 2018

Carol Beacham

HR Manager

I joined Caledonian quite a while ago and my role has evolved over time taking HR from a ‘back room’ function into playing an important part in influencing innumerable aspects of the business.  It is the people that make the business work – I enjoy watching people develop and progress within their roles, both salaried and hourly paid employees.

Working together to not only build a positive culture / work environment but also to contribute to the company’s overall direction and strategy.

> joined 2004

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we are always open for applications, please do not hesitate to email us your CV and cover letter.

we are always open for applications, please do not hesitate to email us your CV and cover letter.

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