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Changing Behaviours and Attitudes

Our colleagues are essential to the continued success of our business. We value and recognise their commitment by supporting our teams’ mental health and well-being through engagement and collaboration in health and safety.

Our health, safety and well-being strategy and vision builds on our colleagues’ collective support and involvement. Our colleagues are able to freely collaborate and be involved with initiatives that promote their ideas into helping the business become a great place to work.

Our colleagues take ownership for their teams' and their own health, safety and well-being. Our aim is to provide support, direction, standards, responsibilities and common goals in collaboration with our colleagues to ensure we all work safely and look after our health and well-being.

We positively reinforce and challenge our colleagues to ensure continuous improvement and maintain standards in health and safety. By working collaboratively to report unsafe acts, accidents and incidents and learning lessons to prevent reoccurrence.

Our leaders drive health, safety and well-being throughout our business, supported by dedicated professionals to assist in delivering effective, high standards across all disciplines.


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